REALITY of Online MBA in 2023

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Online MBA Programs

Certificate Comparison

Before discussing the pros and cons of Online MBA programs, it is important to consider the certificate you will receive upon completion.

Some online programs are categorized as regular online MBA programs, while others are considered Work Integrated Learning Programs (WILP) approved by UGC.

The certificate you receive may differ depending on the program. To compare online and distance programs and see what will be written on the certificate, you can use College Vidya, a platform that collaborates with over 50 approved universities and programs.

Benefits of Online MBA Programs

  • Flexibility: Online MBA programs offer flexibility, making them ideal for working professionals who are unable to attend traditional offline programs. It allows individuals to continue working while pursuing their degree.
  • Cost: Online MBA programs generally have a lower fee compared to offline programs, offering a better return on investment.
  • Requirements: Online MBA programs often have less strict requirements compared to offline programs. Entrance exams may not be required, and the competition is typically lower.
  • Brand Name: Completing an online program from a reputable institution adds brand value to your resume and LinkedIn profile, enhancing networking opportunities.
  • Batch Quality: Online MBA programs attract professionals with years of experience, providing valuable networking opportunities and learning experiences.
  • Faculty: Online programs often feature the same faculty members as offline programs, ensuring high-quality education.

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Drawbacks of Online MBA Programs

  • Placement: Online MBA programs may not focus as heavily on placements compared to offline programs. While placement assistance is provided, the responsibility of finding a job lies with the individual.
  • Group Activity: Online programs may lack the same level of group interaction and collaboration as offline programs, requiring individuals to put in extra effort for peer learning.

Campus Life

This point is self-understood that the experience one gets in the offline campus is not the same online.

Soft Skills

When we do offline MBA and give any presentation in class, our soft skills develop when we interact with people.

However, in the online case, these opportunities are not as frequent, and even if they are, there is a comfort level with talking on camera versus directly with a person.


As I already mentioned, you have 8 hours of classes on weekends and their recorded lectures are also available later. This requires more self-discipline.

So, even when you don’t feel like studying for 2 more days after working for 5 days, you should have more motivation to complete the program.


There are more chances of cheating in online programs. It is difficult to invigilate them. In the case of an offline exam, both your theory and practical knowledge can be tested.

In the case of online exams, they focus more on theory because it is difficult to invigilate them.

Researching Programs

You can make a base list by using College Vidya for all the programs you are interested in. After that, you can reach out to those students on LinkedIn who have done these programs in the last years.


They can share the best reviews of all these programs. If you have any other doubts, let me know in the comments and I can try to reach more people to find out about them.

Thank you so much for reading!


What types of certificates are available for online MBA programs?

The certificates for online MBA programs can vary, with some categorized as regular online MBA programs and others as work integrated learning programs (WILP) approved by UGC.

What are the benefits of pursuing an online MBA program?

The benefits of online MBA programs include flexibility for working professionals, lower costs compared to offline programs, reduced requirements for admission, brand value enhancement on the resume, and access to experienced faculty and networking opportunities.

What are the drawbacks of online MBA programs?

Drawbacks of online MBA programs may include less emphasis on placements, reduced group interaction and collaboration, limited development of soft skills due to fewer in-person interactions, and challenges related to self-discipline in managing study schedules.

How do online and offline MBA programs differ in terms of exams?

Online exams in MBA programs often focus more on theoretical knowledge due to invigilation challenges, whereas offline exams can assess both theoretical and practical knowledge.

How can I research and compare different online MBA programs?

You can use platforms like College Vidya to compare various online MBA programs, and to gather further insights, you can connect with past students of those programs on LinkedIn to gather reviews and experiences.


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