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Withdraw cash without ATM card is a Cardless Cash Withdrawal service that enables customers to withdraw cash at Punjab National Bank ATMs without holding any physical or virtual card.

The Cardless Cash Withdrawal facility is available to :-

a) Customers registered for Internet Banking and PNBOne

b) Maintaining Debit Card eligible account(s) with any bank branch

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The detailed process is given as under:

Process at Internet Banking /Mobile banking

1. Login into Internet Banking or Mobile Banking

2. Click on the “Cardless Cash Withdrawal” option as per the navigation given below:

For Internet Banking: Value Added Service >> Card Related Services >> Cardless Cash Withdrawal

For Mobile Banking: Select Debit Card

withdraw cash without ATM card

Now select, Cardless Cash Withdrawal

withdraw cash without ATM card

3. Select “Account number” from the drop-down list and enter “Amount” to be withdrawn.

withdraw cash without ATM card

4. Set four-digit TPIN (Temporary PIN), Temporary PIN to be set by customer himself

5. Authenticate by way of TPIN (Transaction PIN) and OTP received on registered mobile number.

withdraw cash without ATM card

6. On successful validations, a 12-digit random reference number will be generated (customer to note down the number for withdrawing cash).

SMS containing the reference number and amount will also be sent to the registered mobile number. The transaction reference number and TPIN are valid for 2 hours only.

withdraw cash without ATM card

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Step for Withdraw Cash without ATM Card

1. Click on the Card less cash withdrawal option in ATM

2. Enter “12-digit reference number”

3. Enter 4-digit TPIN

4. Press submit button.

5. On validation of above details, Cash will be dispensed.

Withdraw Cash without ATM Card Limit

a) The maximum amount limit under Cardless cash withdrawal per account is Rs. 10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) in a day. This limit is independent of the available cash withdrawal limit under the Debit card.

b) Maximum 5 transactions per account in a day for Cardless cash withdrawal by the customer, irrespective of whether the reference number is generated through Internet Banking or PNB One.

c) The minimum amount for cardless cash withdrawal is Rs. 1000

d) The transaction reference number and TPIN are valid for 2 hours only

e) The combination of transaction reference number and TPIN can be used only once

f) If transaction reference number and TPIN are used and cash is not dispensed by any reason then the same can’t be used again.

g) Customers can generate multiple reference numbers & TPINs, but can only make maximum 5 withdrawals under this feature with the total amount of Rs.10000/- in a day

Benefits of withdraw cash without ATM Card

For Customer initiating the service

  • Facilitating withdrawal of cash anywhere in India
  • Available on 24X7 including holidays
  • Safe and secure mode through Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Customer need not have Debit Card

For Beneficiary/ Recipient receiving the funds

  • No need to have any bank account
  • Withdrawal of cash from anywhere in India through PNB ATM/BNA
  • Cash received instantly by entering reference number & TPIN
  • Exact withdrawal of amount
  • Cash withdrawal is available from a large network of PNB ATMs

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FAQ Section: Withdraw Cash without ATM Card

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