Punjab National Bank Credit Card against Fixed Deposit

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Punjab National Bank has launched the Credit Card against Fixed Deposit (FD) journey digitally, that is, via PNB One to its customers. Under this module, the Bank will be issuing Credit Card to eligible Customers digitally who are having Fixed deposits maintained with our Bank through PNB One. This facility enables seamless onboarding for PNB Credit Card digitally anytime as per customer convenience. This journey provides customers hassle free experience in availing PNB Credit Card without any contact made to the Branch.

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Eligibility Criteria for issuance of Credit Card against Fixed Deposit through PNBONE

AgeMin: – 18 Years
Max: – 75 Years
Sanctioning Limit of the Credit CardCard Credit Limit will be calculated in multiples of Rs. 1000/- on the lower side of 80% of Term Deposit amount with Min & Max limit as under: –
Min: – Rs. 10000/-
Max: – Rs. 400000/-
Joining FeeNil
Types Of Credit CardPNB Rupay Platinum (On Rupay Platform)
PNB RuPay Select (On Rupay Platform)
PNB Classic (On VISA Platform)
PNB Platinum (On VISA Platform)
Amount of Fixed DepositMin: Rs. 13000/-
Max: Rs. 500000/-
Customer can apply Credit Card against the single as well as multiple FDRs & limit of the Credit Card will be calculated as 80% of the principal amount of the FDR/FDR’s.

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. Fixed Deposit opened through offline and/or online mode in single name & mode of operation is Self are eligible.
  2. FDRs in the joint name are not eligible.
  3. FDRs issued under Tax-Saver scheme & Capital Gains Scheme are not eligible. Further FFD’s & Recurring Deposits are also not eligible.
  4. FDRs against which Lien of partial/full amount is already marked in the system are not eligible.
  5. Maximum 5 FDRs of a customer can be displayed in PNBONE. Selection of maximum 5 FDR’s is based on descending order (Highest First & lowest Last) on the basis of amount of FDR, starting with highest amount of FDR.
  6. Partial withdrawal will not be allowed from FD against which Credit Card will be issued.
  7. In case a Credit Card Holder fails to make payment of monthly Credit Card Dues till the expiry of 60 days of payment due date, the outstanding against the Credit Card will be liquidated by making premature encashment of Term Deposit and by appropriating the proceeds towards repayment of Credit Card dues.
  8. Only FDRs with Autorenewal Flag as ‘Yes’ will be considered under this scheme.

Any variant of Credit Card from the mentioned list can be issued to the applicant as per request / preference of the applicant and subject to their eligibility. All Offline and/or Online Fixed Deposit accounts fulfilling eligibility criteria shall be available for selection on PNBONE mobile application

10 Points – How to improve Credit Score?

  1. Pay Your Bills on Time: Late or missed payments can have a negative impact on your credit score, so it’s important to make sure you pay all of your bills on time.
  2. Keep Your Credit Card Balances Low: High credit card balances can indicate that you’re overextending yourself financially and can lower your credit score.
  3. Don’t Close Old Credit Card Accounts: Closing old credit card accounts can shorten your credit history, which can have a negative impact on your credit score.
  4. Don’t Open Too Many New Credit Card Accounts at Once: Opening too many new credit card accounts at once can indicate that you’re trying to take on too much credit, which can lower your credit score.
  5. Check Your Credit Report Regularly: Reviewing your credit report regularly can help you catch any errors or fraudulent activity that may be impacting your credit score.
  6. Dispute Any Errors on Your Credit Report: If you find errors on your credit report, you should dispute them with the credit bureau as soon as possible to have them corrected.
  7. Use Your Credit Cards Responsibly: Using your credit cards responsibly by paying off your balances in full and on time can help improve your credit score.
  8. Avoid High-Interest Debt: High-interest debt, such as payday loans or credit card cash advances, can have a negative impact on your credit score.
  9. Keep Old Credit Accounts Active: Keep old credit accounts active by using them occasionally and paying off the balance in full.
  10. Seek Professional Help: If you’re struggling with credit card debt, or if you’ve been denied credit and don’t know why, consider seeking professional help from a credit counselor or financial advisor.


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