What is UPI 123Pay

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UPI 123PAY is an instant payment system for feature phone users who can use unified payments interface payment service in a safe and secure manner without internet connectivity.

Through UPI 123PAY, feature phone users will now be able to undertake a host of UPI transactions through pre-defined IVR number.

IVR number for PNB UPI 123PAY – 9188123123

Services under UPI 123PAY

  • Registration
  • Set UPI PIN
  • Payment
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Manage Account

Registration flow for What is UPI 123Pay

  1. Customer calls the IVR number-9188123123.
  2. Customer is requested to select the language.
  3. Customer is prompted to speak the name of the bank through which he wishes to perform transactions. 4. The customer speaks the name of the bank.
  4. The solution fetches the accounts of the customer and speaks up the last 4 digits of the account number (eg. Press 1 for account ending with 1234).
  5. The customer chooses the desired account.
  6. The solution informs the customer if UPI PIN is already set for the account or not.
    • If PIN is already set, customer may proceed for money transfer/Balance
    • If not, customer can set UPI PIN


  1. In case customer wishes to set UPI PIN, the customer will be prompted to enter last 6 digits of debit card through keypad.
  2. The customer is then prompted to enter the expiry date of the card.
  3. The customer is then prompted to enter the OTP (received from the issuer bank)
  4. The customer then enters the 6 digit UPI PIN.
  5. The customer is informed that the UPI PIN is set.


The customer calls the IVR and press 1 for Money Transfer flow.


Through mobile number

  • Customer enters the mobile number of the beneficiary
  • Customer enters UPI PIN through keypad
  • Customer is informed of the status of the transaction

Balance Enquiry

The customer calls the IVR and press 3 for balance enquiry.

  1. The IVR solution speaks the name of the bank and last 4 digits of account number.
  2. The customer enters UPI PIN through keypad.
  3. The IVR solution speaks the balance available in the customer account.

Manage Account

The customer calls the IVR and press 4 for change UPI PIN and 9 for change in default language.

Transaction Limit

Per Transaction LimitRs 5000.00
Per Day Transaction LimitRs 100000.00

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