What are the Duties of Bank Security Guards?

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Bank security guards play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and security of a bank’s premises, employees, and customers.

They are responsible for monitoring the premises, checking for any suspicious activity or behavior, and deterring criminal activity.

Bank security guards also assist in preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas and respond quickly to any emergency situations that may arise.

They are trained in conflict resolution and are equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to handle potentially dangerous situations.

With their vigilance and presence, bank security guards provide customers and employees with peace of mind and create a safe environment for banking activities to take place.

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Duties of Bank Security Guards

  1. Bank Security Guard should work under the general supervision and control of the Branch Manager.
  2. He should perform diligently all security related duties assigned to him by his supervisory authority.
  3. The security guard at a bank should know and understand their duties and responsibilities very well, especially in the area they are assigned to. They should also know the layout of the building and important phone numbers, like the Security Officer, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, and Police, so they can get help quickly if they need it.
  4. Must wear the prescribed uniform smartly while on duty.
  5. While at the gate, ensure proper access control, as per instructions, to prevent unauthorized entry.

6. Not to allow any visitor apparently effecting ingress in the branch with unauthorized weapons/ materials like firearms/explosives.

7. The security guard at a bank should pay attention to what’s happening both inside and outside the branch. If they see anything that seems risky or suspicious, they should take action right away and tell their boss about it.

8. When on patrol duty, be vigilant and alert and carefully search all such places which seem suspicious and where a criminal can hide.

9. In the case of a security alarm being raised, close the gate(s).

10. Remind Branch Head to carry out security rehearsal / mock drill once a fortnight.

11. Be fully conversant with the use of burglary, CCTV and firefighting equipment in the branch. He will inform Branch Manager/Security Officer immediately on noticing if CCTV/Fire/Burglar alarm/fire extinguisher/ auto dialer system etc are not working in branch/office.

12. While deployed at the strong room/currency chest, not to move away from his post under any circumstances, especially when the strong room is open.

13. Make note of any suspicious movement in the vicinity of the strong room and apprise the Branch Manager.

14. While on strong room duty, ensure before leaving, that all doors are properly locked and the electrical current is shut off. He should also ensure that nobody remains in the strong room.

15. Prevent use of premises by squatters, hawkers or undesirable characters.

16. Prevent misuse of premises for anti-social activities by public, or bank staff.

17. Keep a close watch over the building and other property, against attempts.

18. Should be conversant with the use of fire extinguishers.

19. He should maintain his weapon properly and keep it in serviceable condition at all the times.

20. Not to carry the cash container himself.

21. Refrain from participating in the trade union activities.


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