Trophy Smack Net Worth (May 2023)

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Have you searched for “Trophy Smack net worth?” then you landed in the right place.

In the world of sports, trophies hold significant value as symbols of achievement and recognition. Trophy Smack, a prominent player in the trophy and awards industry, has gained considerable popularity for its unique and innovative offerings.

In this article, we will explore Trophy Smack’s journey , discuss its net worth, and highlight its impact on the sporting community.

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Who is Trophy Smack?

Quick Look

NameTrophy Smack
CountryUnited States
What Do They DoFantasy Sports League and Sell Customized Trophies
Trophy Smack’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank7.5 Million USD (business valuation)
Trophy Smack Net worth 20235 Million USD
FounderMatt Walsh & Dax Holt
Trophy Smack Net Worth

Early Beginnings

Trophy Smack was founded by passionate sports enthusiasts who recognized the need for high-quality and customizable trophies. Starting as a small venture, the company aimed to provide athletes, teams, and organizations with exceptional awards that truly captured their accomplishments.

Product Offerings

Trophy Smack quickly gained attraction due to its diverse range of products. Trophy Smack provides a wide range of customizable Trophies, Belts, Rings, Engraving, Wallsmack, medals, and other awards to meet the specific needs of individuals.

Setting itself apart through innovation, the company has introduced distinctive elements like LED lights, customizable engravings, and interactive designs, ensuring that their trophies are truly exceptional and memorable.


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Trophy Smack’s Success

Unique Selling Points

One of the key factors contributing to Trophy Smack Net Worth increase is its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Each trophy is meticulously designed and produced using premium materials, ensuring a superior product that reflects the significance of the achievement.

Additionally, the company’s emphasis on customization allows customers to create truly unique trophies that resonate with their specific sporting events. Over the years, Trophy Smack has witnessed a significant increase in its customer base.

Trophy Smack Net Worth

Trophy Smack, founded by Matt Walsh and Dax Holt, gained recognition when it was featured on Shark Tank America in January 2021. As of 2022, the combined net worth of Trophy Smack’s founders, Matt Walsh and Dax Holt, is estimated to be 2 million USD.

Trophy Smack, a business specializing in unique trophies for fantasy sports, was featured on the popular show Shark Tank. During their appearance, the owners of Trophy Smack proposed a deal to the investors, offering 8% equity in exchange for a $600,000 investment. However, renowned entrepreneur Mark Cuban countered the offer, proposing $600,000 for a 17% equity stake to secure the partnership.

As of 2022, Trophy Smack’s net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million. The company’s trophies are priced between $150 and $160 each, reflecting their quality and uniqueness.

Matt Walsh and Dax Holt, the founders of Trophy Smack, embarked on their Shark Tank journey seeking a strategic partner to further propel their business.


Trophy Smack Net Worth Year Wise

Net Worth 20181.3 Million Dollars
Net Worth 20191.7 Million Dollars
Net Worth 20202.1 Million Dollars
Net Worth 20212.8 Million Dollars
Net Worth 20223.5 Million Dollars
New Worth 20235.00 Million Dollars

What happened to Trophy Smack after Shark Tank?

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Trophy Smack experienced continued growth following their appearance on the show. In their inaugural year of business, 2018, the company generated revenue of $850,000, with a net income of $200,000.

The subsequent year, 2019, witnessed even greater success for Trophy Smack, with a gross profit of $1.9 million, a gross profit of $775,000, and a net profit of $500,000.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, Trophy Smack managed to achieve revenues of $650,000 in 2020, showcasing their resilience and adaptability.

In addition to their renowned winners’ trophies, rings, and belts, Trophy Smack has expanded their product offerings to include draft boards and even prizes for the losers. They have also extended their services to encompass golf and hockey, broadening their reach across various sports.


Who is the owner of Trophy Smack?

Dax Holt is the owner of Trophy Smack

What is the annual revenue of Trophy Smack?

Approx 1 million dollar

Where is Trophy Smack located?

1800 N. Glassell St Orange CA 92865

How do I contact Trophy Smack?


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