Sony’s Making a VR Headset for 3D Artists and Content Creators

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You might have heard about Apple’s Vision Pro, the VR Headset. Apple just announced the release date for its device. The strategy behind Apple’s Vision Pro is to add those customers to their products who are not gamers.

But you might be surprised that Sony has also announced a new VR headset that is built for filmmakers and artists.

Last year, Sony released a PlayStation VR2 headset. Have you heard about it?

The Playstation VR2 is a lightweight device, and it uses the horsepower of the PlayStation 5 for playing games at high fidelity.

Currently, Sony has not given a name to its device. But the news is that the device comes with strong specs, including 4K OLED displays and a Snapdragon XR2 + Gen2 chip.

This will make it more versatile than its PS5-centric cousin.

“We are happy to announce a new solution for spatial content creation,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said at the press conference. “With a crisp viewing experience and intuitive interaction for 3D design,”

Sony’s intention to capture the market for VR headsets is very clear. Most of the VR headsets on the market use game-like controllers, which are then usable only for gamers, and Apple uses just hand tracking to make VR headsets more comfortable for non-gamers.

But Sony’s new headset will use a single, touch-operated pointer and a ring.

Pricing details are still kept secret by Sony.

The more interesting fact about Sony’s gear is that, like Apple’s Vision Pro, Sony not only allows wearers to see VR headset feeds but also enables wearers to see a full-color video feed of the outside world, even “overlaying virtual objects into physical spaces.”.

This amazing gadget by Sony will be available sometime in 2024.


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