How to Transfer Money from PNB One app?

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There are two methods to transfer money from PNB One app. The most common are “Regular Transfers”, and the other is a “Quick Transfer”.


Let’s discuss both of them.

Regular Transfers

You can transfer your funds to any account by using the regular transfers option in the PNB One app. This feature allows you to make self-transfers within bank transfers, IMPS using account numbers, and NEFT and RTGS transfers.

Modes for Transfer Money from PNB One


If you want to transfer money from PNB One from one account to another, like from

  • a savings account to a loan account,
  • from a savings account to a current account, or
  • from one savings account to another savings account,

you can easily do so through the self-transfer option.

Just select the account from which you want to transfer money from PNB One, and then select the other account to which you want to transfer money.

Click on “Submit” and verify the transaction through the TPIN (Click Here to Read How to Set/Reset TPIN in PNB One)

With-in Transfer

If you want to transfer money from PNB One to any other account that is also maintained at Punjab National Bank, then you can select this option.

To transfer money to any other PNB account, you should first add that account to your beneficiary list.

After adding the account to the beneficiary list, approve it through the TPIN and OTP. Return to the Regular > With-in Transfer option and select your new payee account.

Enter the amount and click on “submit.”

Verify the transaction through the TPIN and OTP.

Other Transfer

If you want to transfer money from your PNB account to any other bank account, then this option should be used. Under this, you have three options to transfer funds.

Quick Transfers

With the quick transfer method, you can transfer funds to another account by IMPS using MMID or to PNB accounts.

If you want to transfer funds for emergencies, then you can use this method to transfer funds up to Rs. 10,000.00 without adding a beneficiary.

For customer convenience, ‘Quick Transfer’ facility has now been extended to Retail Internet Banking also. The features of this facility in Retail Internet Banking are as under:

  • Fund transfer without adding beneficiary
  • Available for both ‘Within Bank’ and ‘Other Bank’ transfers.
  • ‘Other Bank’ fund transfers are instant using IMPS.
  • Maximum limit of ₹10,000/- per transaction.
  • Maximum 3 transactions per day using Quick Transfer.
  • Option to save payee as a Beneficiary for future transactions

Process for Instant Transfer in PNB One App and Retail Banking

  • Login to Internet Banking
  • Click on ‘Transactions’
  • Select either ‘Quick Transfer- Within Bank’ or ‘Quick Transfer- Other Bank’
  • Enter account number & amount in case of within bank transfer and account number, IFSC & amount in case of other bank transfer.
  • Authenticate the transaction using transaction password or TPIN and OTP.

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