Escape the 9-5 Grind: Earn money with Yatra!

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The tourism business is not just about having fun traveling but also about making good money. If you want to get into this business, teaming up with well-known platforms like can help you earn money and have a really satisfying journey as a business owner.

Understanding the Earning Potential:

The tourism business does really well by creating exciting vacation deals. The money you make comes from two main things: getting good payments and because families like to travel together.

When people decide where to go, these vacation deals that cost between ₹50,000 to ₹100,000 for trips which lasts for a few days or a whole week, those trips can help you to make lot of money.

Making different kinds of deals that suit different people is how you get more travelers and earn more money.

Yatra: Your Gateway to Success:

Yatra is a great choice to make use of this opportunity. They offer lots of different services that suit different kinds of travelers.

For holidays, most people like flight packages. But in places like Kullu-Manali or Uttarakhand where there are no flights, people use buses or smaller vehicles.

Knowing these differences is really important to make attractive deals for these specific places.

Benefits of Partnering with Yatra:

Teaming up with as a franchisee gives you a lot of good things. They offer group holiday packages for places in our country and abroad, which are a big part of what they provide.

They also help with booking hotels in our country and overseas, plus they have special deals for families and companies.

Companies like using for their staff trips, which can be to really cool places, making it a big market.

Support and Assistance:

Teaming up with isn’t just about making money. They will give you a lot more help.

They have special managers to help set up your store when you start, and they teach you all about the different things they offer.

They also help with advertising when the seasons change, so you know what people want.

Working with also makes customers trust you more because they give special deals, which makes your advertising better.

Offline vs. Online Engagement:

Having physical stores is really important even though most things are online now. When people buy expensive things, they often need a lot of explanations and help to decide, and physical stores are really good at doing that.

Customers like getting personal help and explanations because it makes it easier for them to decide what to buy.

Commencing Your Venture:

  • To start a business with Yatra, it’s important to pick a good spot, like in the city or a busy area. You’ll need a space of about 300 to 500 square feet.
  • It’s smart to start by spending a little, maybe between 2 to 8 lakhs, depending on where you set up and what extras you offer.
  • If you don’t have much money at first, you can get help from schemes like the Mudra Loan to start your business.

The Application Process:

People who want to join can apply by giving necessary information on this website and then wait for a reply within 15 to 20 days.

Even though the money needed might change, the promise of lots of help, special service, and a good chance to make money stays the same.

This makes sure you get into the growing tourism business.

Final Words:

In conclusion, teaming up with is like a door into the big tourism world.

It’s not just about selling trips; it’s about making special experiences, giving great service, and being someone travelers trust when they go on adventures.


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