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If you are looking for the best Telegram group for Books PDF, then you can follow this article.

Nowadays, Telegram has become a great platform for students, where they will get free, premium-quality study materials. There are thousands of Telegram channels for books, but obviously you cannot join all of them.

So after researching a lot of channels, I have created a list of the 15 best real Telegram channels for books.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

SrnoGroup NameJoining LinkSubscribers
1Amazon Kindle and ebooks – AudiobooksAmazone Book85000+
2English Books for KidsBooks for a Child32000+
3eBooks for IASEbooks for IAS1800+
4Network Marketing BooksNetwork Marketing530
5Novels Books Comics Pdf FreeFree Novels121400+
6UPSC and GS BooksPDF Basket9900+
7UPSC Mains GSUPSC Mains GS8700+
8Motivational BooksMotivational Books8500+
9Civil Engineering PDF NotesCivil Engineering Notes32500+
10Speedy BooksSpeedy Book331000+

Let us know briefly about each group.

Best Telegram Group for Books PDF

Amazon Kindle and Ebooks – Audiobooks

Explore a literary wonderland with Amazon Kindle and Ebooks – Audiobooks. This channel is a haven for book enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of ebooks and engaging audiobooks.

Dive into captivating stories, insightful non-fiction, and self-improvement gems. Expand your reading horizons effortlessly. [best Telegram group for Books PDF]

English Books for Kids

Nurture a love for reading in the young minds with English Books for Kids.

Delightful tales, educational reads, and enchanting picture books await, providing a perfect platform for kids to embark on imaginative journeys. Ignite their passion for learning and creativity.

eBooks for IAS

Empower your civil service aspirations with eBooks for IAS. Unlock a reservoir of study materials tailored for the prestigious Indian Administrative Services examination.

Dive into comprehensive resources covering various subjects and empower your pursuit of excellence.

Network Marketing Books

Navigate the dynamic world of network marketing with Network Marketing Books. Unveil strategies, insights, and success stories from industry pioneers.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, this channel equips you with the knowledge to thrive. [best Telegram group for Books PDF]

Novels Books Comics Pdf Free

Indulge your literary cravings with Novels Books Comics Pdf Free. Immerse yourself in a digital library boasting a plethora of novels, books, and comics across genres.

best Telegram group for Books PDF

From timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, satiate your appetite for captivating narratives.

UPSC and GS Books

Embark on your UPSC journey armed with UPSC and GS Books. Access a treasure trove of resources tailored for the Civil Services Examination. [best Telegram group for Books PDF]

Elevate your preparation with comprehensive notes, study guides, and reference materials.


Navigate the UPSC Mains with precision using UPSC Mains GS. Dive into an assortment of General Studies resources, curated to enhance your grasp of key concepts and current affairs.

Elevate your preparation and stride confidently toward success.

Motivational Books

Fuel your ambition with Motivational Books. Embark on a transformative journey with a collection of motivational literature designed to inspire, empower, and drive personal growth.

Harness the power of positive thinking and motivation.

Civil Engineering PDF Notes

Build a solid foundation in Civil Engineering with Civil Engineering PDF Notes.

Access a plethora of comprehensive notes, tutorials, and reference materials tailored to support your academic and professional endeavors. Expand your expertise effortlessly.

Speedy Books

Experience the thrill of rapid learning with Speedy Books. This channel is your ticket to a diverse range of educational resources spanning various subjects. [best Telegram group for Books PDF]

Accelerate your learning journey and stay ahead in the pursuit of knowledge.


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